Subject: Last rites for the Kats
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 2/19/1997 6:14 PM

According to at least one web site (sorry, don't have the URL offhand) it
looks like Warner Bros' Road Rovers is being axed from the WB cartoon
lineup from next year.  Significance and relevance to the Kats?  Some time
ago, chance (Andy Hill, no longer on the list) posted a message that he
believed that SWAT Kats wouldn't be a hard sell if Road Rovers succeeded.
But if WB is nuking the Rovers, then there's likely no hope for the Kats at

Apparently people are urging others to write their local stations to revive
the Rovers.  If it succeeds, then that series may be renewed; and
consequently, the Kats (or something similar) might possibly be revived.
But right now I think it's a safe bet that the Kats are dead and buried,
living now only in reruns and fanfiction.

Since Warner and Turner have merged, the Cartoon Network seems to have been
showing more and more WB toons.  So far, they've shown Animaniacs, Pinky &
The Brain and Superman.  Personally, I'm waiting to see Road Rovers,
followed by SWAT Kats (or vice versa), in the lineup.  ;-)

On the subject of whether other characters in other series look like the
Kats:  I think I've got one that's more the other way around.  In one
episode ("The Giant Bacteria") one of the kats in the background, when
Feral is being interviewed about Morbulus, wears a white suit...  and for
some reason he reminds me of Riff Raff (from the Heathcliff/Cats & Co