Subject: Re: A curious question?
From: Felix Lee
Date: 2/17/1997 8:53 PM
To: "Swat Kat ML" <>

I was just wondering, if most of MegaKat City thinks the Swat Kats are
heros, why don't T-Bone and Razor start "enlisting" their own band of

because they don't have enough jet fuel?

because there aren't enough villains to make a business case
for it?

because the Enforcers do boring police work?

because noone without a double-zeta security clearance can
get to the junkyard?

because all the good kats are already enlisted by the

because the SWAT Kats enjoy being the few, the proud?

because they only have two uniforms with that radical
white-eye look?

because there _aren't_ any kats to enlist?  ("Welcome to
Megakat City: Population 29")

because it would disturb the balance of power between Razor
and T-Bone?  (causing the kitchen, or maybe even the world,
to implode)

because they can't offer a competitive medical plan?

because no recruit has yet survived the Claws of Death test?

because the tv series only shows you the first two weeks of
the SWAT Kats's existence, so there hasn't been time to
recruit yet?