Subject: Re: A curious question?
From: "Your Name" <>
Date: 2/15/1997 10:42 PM

Well Marsh, it would definately be a good idea if the Swat Kats could have
their own Enforcers. You see, they are only a couple of junk yard kats-
they couldn't afford to have their own little army. Also, not all kats are
as Kool as they are. They don't want to have their IDs exposed!

From: Marsh Schneidau <>
Subject: A curious question?

I was just wondering, if most of MegaKat City thinks the Swat Kats are
heros, why don't T-Bone and Razor start "enlisting" their own band of
"Enforcers"?  It seems to me, that the "Swat Kats, (aside from T-Bone and
Razor) could be far more effective, and far LESS destructive than the

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?