Subject: Re: Cat Qs
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 2/14/1997 11:23 AM

At 02:34 AM 2/14/97 -500, you wrote:
Hey kat you know i'm still working on my fanfic (DJ:
you'll get the next part in less than two weeks! :) ) , and i wanted
to ask something....


is there a list of Villians i can access? i know a lot fo them, but i
know there are som ei haven't seen.....
can someone send me a list of the meaningful events in the series..or
where i can find one? again, i have seen most episodes..but there are
still some elusive ones i have not been able to see , and won't until
my shcedule changes again at my Conservatoire ( that is, until

   Well, there's are lots of episode guides around -- check (I think?) for one. That should give you full
episode reviews and whatever else you need.

Also, are there any MIDIs of the opening theme? or wavs?
Thanx! :)

   Again, check the sight above -- I *know* there's .avi and .mov files, but...

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