Subject: Enforcer training
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 2/11/1997 6:49 PM

OK, here's an attempt to breathe some life into an otherwise dead list.

Those of you who've been in the military can probably answer this question
better than I can, but what kind of curriculum do you see in the Enforcer

For example, I envision the Academy being open to young kats from age 15
on, requiring a rigorous physical training course (like the obstacle course
Jake and Chance used in "Mutation City") and basic weapons and pilot
training.  Electives might include sports of different types, like
volleyball, track and basketball.  There'd also be an advanced pilot
training course for those with the aptitude and interest for it; and of
course, officer training which would lead to a lieutenant (and higher)

Exactly where might Jake and Chance have been within this curriculum when
Commander Feral?  Good question; I don't have a good answer.