Subject: Re: loudspeakers?
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 2/4/1997 7:32 AM

Felix queries:
does the turbokat have external loudspeakers?  I'm guessing
no, but I don't remember if they ever used any in the series
or not.  besides, jets are pretty loud.  (but I'm going to
give them noise-cancellation technology, so there.)

The SWAT Kats have used loudspeakers in at least one episode that I know
of:  "Chaos In Crystal," when Razor tells Shard that they're trying to help
in (and Shard, of course, refuses to listen).  Offhand, I don't remember if
they used speakers elsewhere in the show.

Exactly *where* the loudspeakers are is a good question; *that* I don't know.