Subject: katministrivia quickie
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 1/29/1997 6:02 PM

I received email this morning from an address at the domain ""
with the words "subscribe kats" in the subject line.  I didn't redirect it
to majordomo, and won't subscribe anyone whose email address resides in the domain, because I've been hearing that email has been bouncing
with an unknown host error from that domain.  (I've also received spam mail
from that address, and replies to it have bounced with similar errors.)

I'll be periodically checking the list of subscribers on the kats list and
digest and weeding out any "" addresses.  I also unsubscribe
people whose email bounces with a "user unknown" error (this happens most
frequently with AOL subscribers).  Otherwise, I won't unsub anyone without

Questions on this to me in email, please.  Thanks.

And now back to your regularly scheduled list...