Subject: Fan Fiction Archive Poll
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 1/29/1997 5:52 PM

I thought this would be a nice place to try and get as many katfans as
possible's attention, but I have some questions concerning the archive.
   I've been getting a lot of fanfiction lately that is technically
qualified as "NC-17" in the general rating system.

1. Does anyone have any objections to me posting NC-17 work? With a warning,
of course.

   This may sound strange, considering I already posted one on Saturday
night, but I didn't really expect such an influx of new works since then in
this category.
   I will try to post two versions -- one begining the original NC-17, and
the other being only rated "R" or below, with the scenes with problem
context removed or toned down. An example of this system is "Behind the
Veil" by Don Redmond (currently on the archive). However, I can't always do
that, especially when I get a story that doesn't really have a plot outside
the problem scenes, and removing them would leave me with about 5 Kb worth
of story. But I can try.

2. How do you feel about me rejecting fanfiction I think just ... disturbs
me? Kind of an odd question, but I've been getting work that doesn't involve
sex or anything else psoted in the guidelines as "unsuitable material" but
just kinda freaks me out. It is *my* archive, but I don't want to become an
"exclusive" archive -- I want to stay open to everyone and don't want to
discourage people from sending stuff because they're worried about it.

   BTW -- there will be no archive update this weekend (probably), because
of my tremendously busy schedule. I have been getting a lot of pieces,
however, so look for one early next week.

Dr. Jake Clawson
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