Subject: Re: SWAT Kats Fan-Pics
From: Pastmaster
Date: 1/25/1997 10:48 PM
CC: "SWAT ||Kats Mailing List" <>

*SIGH !* I've tried drawing Razor with a new hair-style and new look but he
turned out too kind-looking and compassionate. In other words,
out-of-character !

Mabye not. I think under the right circumstances, Razor could be very
compassionate. I dunno. Just could be me.

Perhaps another fellow Kat fan will care to try ?

I've colorized a few of my templates I've used to create some of my artwork.
They look pretty cool, but not as good as the real ones, and without any
effects whatsoever. I've yet to find some way to scan my stuff for some use
or another. :(


Some ideas I've had and yet failed putting them together:

Crossing Chrono Trigger with SK
Crossing Project A-ko with SK
Crossing other fanfics with SK
Cutting and pasting together an SK story using sentences from every other
fanfic out there to make a parody of some sort.
Making a parody of your own work!
Putting yourself in a fanfic and have yourself get nuked by some bad guy.
Crossing your biology term paper with SK (keep the subject G rated!!)
Odd romances
have a fanfic from a bad guy's POV (point of view)

Ryan "95! SHUTTUP!!" Kelley