Subject: Mrowr?
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 1/25/1997 12:45 PM

On bald kats -- another one to add is the kat who got robbed in "Enter the
Madkat" (I can just see DJ cringing at my mention of the episode title!) --
the owner of the curio shop.  He's got a few hairs on his head, but
otherwise he appears to be a bald kitty.

Thing is, though, if kats are covered in fur, how could they be noticeably
bald or unshaven?  <shrug>

Doc Konway insists:
I look like Lou Costello, only with grey hair.
Just ask Razor!

OK, I'll finally comment.  Not on Doc Konway looking like Lou Costello, but
more that the good Doc reminds me of a cross between Dr. Greenbox and
Professor Hackle!  Draw your own conclusions from there.  <grin>

Zax queries on Callie's private line to the Kats:
Do you suppose that that comm unit sends a scrambled signal?

It's entirely possible, given that the Kats' hangar has a scrambler which
Razor salvaged from an Enforcer stealth jet.  But he was unable to fix it
when it broke (cf. "Unlikely Alloys"), so it's hard to say.

And now for something completely different (but still on-topic):  in one of
the commercial teasers for the Cartoon Network, you see Chance covering his
eyes, followed by Jake looking at the audience in surprise, leaning in from
the side.  I know that Chance's covering his eyes comes from "The
Ci-Kat-A," but does anyone know where Jake's expression comes from?