Subject: Re: Kats eps and stuff
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 1/24/1997 2:41 AM

Dana Uehara  wrote:
Hey, Julian...  how come you haven't been called up for service by your
National Service like Simon was?  Or have you done your time already?

*Ouch !*

Hey I'm the good guy, remember ?

(Can you imagine mandatory Enforcer duty in Megakat City?  <shudder>)

*Heh, heh.*

That's just one of the advantages of having the status of 1st generation of
P.R. (Permanent Residency). If I should ever have any kittens in the
future, they'll be drafted into the Enforcers of course, and so forth.

BTW Are there any fan-pics site? Ya know, have fans sent in their SWAT Kats
artwork and set it up on the Net.
I'm tempted to redesign the SWAT Kats uniform into more armor-like for my
vision of what "SWAT Kats: The Movie" might look like on-screen.
Can anyone say "Henshin !" ? ;P)

Cheers !

************JULIAN HO < >************
Sick, Demented, and Twisted Beyond Recognition. Ain't That Feel Great?! ;PD