Subject: Re: Kats eps and stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 1/24/1997 5:23 PM

I originally sent this out as a personal reply, but I'm forwarding it to
the list because Julian sent a reply to my email back to the list... *and*
included some stuff that would make both messages appropriate for the list.

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Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 07:12:57 -0800
To: "Julian Ho" <>
From: (Dana Uehara)
Subject: Re: Kats eps and stuff

On 1/24/97 at 2:41 AM -0800, Julian Ho wrote:
BTW Are there any fan-pics site? Ya know, have fans sent in their SWAT Kats
artwork and set it up on the Net.
I'm tempted to redesign the SWAT Kats uniform into more armor-like for my
vision of what "SWAT Kats: The Movie" might look like on-screen.
Can anyone say "Henshin !" ? ;P)

I don't know of any; however, I *have* been tempted to actually attempt some
drawing myself (gasp!) of one scenario.

In it, my character on the mucks (Razor, natch ;-) gives Simon's
character (Decker, a Kat just like Razor, only slightly taller and with
midnight-blue fur, and part of the Enforcers) a farewell salute.  I've added a
brief description of the scene below.  Want to try it?  ;-)

Against a yellowish backdrop stand two kats saluting each other, one in
midnight-blue fur and a new Enforcer uniform, the other in rusty orange fur
and a royal blue and red flighsuit, black bandanna and helmet.  As both kats
stand at attention, you notice a determined, somewhat wry smirk on the blue
kat's face, and what appears to be a rather similar smile on the orange kat's
face, except the latter's seems to contain more emotion.  The orange kat
appears to be, or has been, crying; tears have welled in his eyes and have
streamed down the side of his face.  The blue kat carries a freshly polished
laser gun in his belt holster, evidently a gift from the orange kat.

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