Subject: FanFiction ideas (WAS Re: SWAT KATs Fan-Pics)
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 1/24/1997 7:18 PM


   Okay, you have *my* attention now . . . <DJ, the archive host and
ultimate SK fanfic addict, picks up her head>

How about "SWAT Kats 2000" ? Or "SWAT Kats: PLUS" ? You know, we used to
have some thread going on about the SWAT Kat's grand-kittens. Perhaps some
Kat could write a story based on that thread.

    I've had a few ideas like that floating around in my head along various
storylines for a while. The first would happen *very* late in the "Children
of the Stone" series, when Chance has become Commander of the local
enforcers in his new home in Scotland (hint as to what happens in "Safe
Haven" for COTS fans), and of course his kid (a gargoyle, according to the
series) and maybe Jake's daughter get to have their fun. The best part of
the story would actually be Chance's character, around 55-65 now and more
matured. He's a less by-the-book version of Feral, always looking out for
his kid (much like the Feral/Felina relationship).
    The second one actually involves Jake's nephew (in another timeline
seperate from COTS). It's been at least 7-10 years since Chance was killed
in action (as T-Bone), and Jake has been living in an institution because of
it. Of course the rookie admires his half-sane relative. The plot would
probably involve the nephew getting into some case that would point towards
the involvement on the villian responsible for killing Chance and making
Jake the way he currently is -- which would bring Jake more heavily into the
action. But I haven't sorted it all out yet in my head.

I've attempted to write a fan-fic once but it just didn't go anywhere. I
tend to describe character backgrounds too much and lost the direction of
the story. Any advice, fellow Kats?

   You, umm, wouldn't happen to have a .txt copy of that lying around your
hard drive, would you? I'd be interested in helping you sort it!

BTW -- on a side note, there will be an archive update either tonight or
tommorrow night (Saturday), more likely tomorrow. I downloaded something to
allow me to open .doc texts (supposively), so anyone who has a .doc piece
and hasn't sent it because they can't get it into .txt format please send to   Thanks!

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