Subject: Bald Kats.
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 1/24/1997 7:27 AM
To: "SWAT ||Kats Mailing List" <>

Since we've started the whole thread on Doc. Knoway being "old and fat"
(Sorry, Doc. I've haven't seen the "real" you yet so I'm just going along
with the flow.)  at CF8 (Wish I was there. I'm a furry-fan too.)

The thing is, why didn't we seen any REAL bald kats? (I mean, Dr. Hackle
doesn't count. He's still got fur on his head.)

Is it because we'll always think of Petey Pate, the insane cat villain from
Ralph Baksi's "Might Mouse: the Real Adventures", whenever we talk about
bald Kats?

Just some things to ponder but generally not important.

Cheers !

************JULIAN HO < >************
Insanity Is Luxury !