Subject: Re: How many shows
From: Pastmaster
Date: 1/23/1997 6:32 PM

Does anyone know how many episodes of Swat Kats there are?
  Hmmm... including S.K.I.Q., 23 or 24.

It's 24. I know this because I've got all 24 taped (well actually I've got
up to about 32, but those are repeats) Took me a few years, but did it!

And also,
"how come the deputy mayor has a special calling device that was given
to her by the Swat Kats"?

Because the SWAT Kats gave her one? I dunno. It was never explained in
the show.

That's probably the most logical answer. Out of all the scenarios I've
tried, I STILL have how idea how the SWAT Kats gave it to her though. BTW,
(this may sound a little weird, but THAT's ME again!... sort of) I was
wondering what the second level of the SK's garage is for... and where do
they sleep? I wonder if there's something I'm missing!

Ryan "95! SHUTTUP!!" Kelley