Subject: Kats eps and stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 1/23/1997 5:50 PM

On the number of episodes:  this should be in the FAQ, if it isn't already
there.  (At least it was on the original version of the FAQ *I* wrote way
back, when we were on!)  Total, including the SKIQ episode, is 24.

Hanna-Barbera produced 13 episodes for the first season (which is normal
for a Saturday morning show) and 10 for the second (11, counting the SKIQ
episode).  Three episodes (which would have completed the second season)
were scrapped during production, although the voice tracks were laid down
at the time.

The SKIQ episode was originally intended to launch the second season, but
it aired *after* all of the other episodes aired (back in February '94 or
so, if I remember correctly).  It has only aired once during the Kats'
regular run (on independent stations and TBS) and, to the best of my
knowledge, twice on the Cartoon Network, when it was showing a Super Chunk
of the Kats.

As for Callie having a hotline to the Kats:  as DJ noted, this was never
fully explained in the show.  Callie apparently doesn't know who they
really are, either -- although I suspect from her comment (and wistful
smile!) in "Night of the Dark Kat," when she, T-Bone and Razor escape from
the Enforcers in her car, that she probably has a good idea.  Perhaps she
*does* know, but she doesn't let on, as the SWAT Kats can do a better job
of protecting the city than Feral and the Enforcers.

Hey, Julian...  how come you haven't been called up for service by your
National Service like Simon was?  Or have you done your time already?

(Can you imagine mandatory Enforcer duty in Megakat City?  <shudder>)