Subject: Re: kats-digest V1 #125
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 1/22/1997 9:16 PM

Got a few comments from stuff on the past digest:

From: "Matthew Milam" <>
What's the lastest news?

I think Andy answered this before he left the list, but in a nutshell,
don't expect to hold your breath waiting for the Kats to return.  It'd be
nice, but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.  However, it *is*
possible that characters having similar personalities as T-Bone and Razor
could appear in another series.  It doesn't mean that they'd be kats, or
even have the same names, just similar personalities.

From: Dave Huang <>
I watched cartoons (Road Rovers, Mighty Ducks, TMNT,
Sonic... no Kats? Aww...) while my friend drew :)

Actually, there *was* a Kats episode on the first tape (the one containing
Road Rovers, Mighty Ducks and TMNT), but I just never played it.  The
episode was the SKIQ episode, which has now aired (to the best of my
knowledge) twice on the Cartoon Network, as well as once when the Kats were
in regular syndication.

From: "Dr. Samuel Conway" <>
I still don't understand the fascination with listening to an old guy
prattle on about the things that have happened to him since last ConFurence.

That's because your stories are interesting, and some of the antics could
possibly mirror some of Feral's experiences!  <smirk>

And Doc Konway is neither old nor fat :P
Is too!  Is too!  Is too!  Is too!  Is too!

No comment from me on this one.