Subject: Re: Swat Kats still alive
From: WhiteCat
Date: 1/21/1997 2:26 PM

Michael wrote:
The Swat Kats are still alive. They are just waiting in the junk yard
until one of those baddies come out of hiding and threaten the peaceful
Kats of MegaKat City. They always kick butt, but cant say the same to
Commander Feral and his Enforcers, although his nease proves to be quite
a fighter.

YESSSSSSS!!! <insert WhiteCat's trademark insane laughter here> I LIKE
this guy! This is the sort of attitude we need ... heh ... sorry, guys.

DJ: Sorry. Cannot do. It got deleted when we moved to Win95. ;P

WhiteCat, also known as Terra Chang ...
run away! she's gotten into the catnip ... !!