Subject: Re: Back to your regularly scheduled listmail
From: (Michael J. Rider)
Date: 1/21/1997 6:50 PM

In a message dated 1:41 PM 1/21/97, Dave Huang wrote:
I also saw Michael Rider briefly somewhere in artist's alley, I think,
but I was following someone and couldn't stop to say hi... sorry!

        Prolly, was I at Pelzig's table or playing with my new lion hand
puppet (he's so cute!) and minding that table full of plushies?  It may
seem off topic, but Pelz' does have a picture of Callie Brigs in his
portfolio.  <G>  That's the only Kats work I saw at the con.  I missed the
story hour and cat SIG too.  :(  Well, I was kind of busy with other
things.  ;>

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