Subject: Re: Back to your regularly scheduled listmail
From: Dave Huang
Date: 1/21/1997 11:41 AM

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Dana Uehara wrote:
I didn't get a chance to meet any fellow list members (or at least I don't
*think* I did) other than Doc Konway, but I *did* show up at the felines
SIG (special interest group) and managed to vent my frustrations at Ted
Turner for having cancelled the series.

Well, you sorta met me :) A friend and I went up to Miles' sketch trading
party thing... I watched cartoons (Road Rovers, Mighty Ducks, TMNT,
Sonic... no Kats? Aww...) while my friend drew :) Anyways, I was the
Chinese-looking guy wearing an Animaniacs t-shirt, and I also had this
collar thing :) Your group also wandered by us on the 2nd floor like
around 2 or 3am Sunday (Monday, technically :) Miles said hi, Stevie
waved :)

I also saw Michael Rider briefly somewhere in artist's alley, I think,
but I was following someone and couldn't stop to say hi... sorry!

Doc Konway's story hour was, needless to say, very interesting, although a
bit difficult to understand, as he had moved it from what would have been a
fairly quiet room to the incredibly noisy lobby.  After hearing his story

Unfortunately, I missed his story hour... I think that was the day we
went to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and by the time we got back, story hour
was almost over. There was a huge crowd in the lobby listening though :)
And Doc Konway is neither old nor fat :P

Didn't see any SWAT Kats stuff at the con, tho I wasn't particularly
looking very hard for any.  I *did* get to run into a few katfans currently

Yeah, I didn't either... oh well. I didn't go to the costume contest
thing... I don't suppose anyone had a Kats costume, did they?

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