Subject: Me :)
From: Simon Leet Wai Leong
Date: 1/21/1997 5:49 AM

Off-topic here, but a few guys on the list were asking me to write ...

Just to tell you folks on the list that I'll be doing my basic military
training starting 23/1 (Thu) and will be out of touch for at very least 2
weeks. (The BMT lasts 3 months, although I get weekends off after the first
2 weeks of confinement if I kiss butt well enough.) Apologies to all who
expected me to write something and especially DJ Clawson who I promised to
have at least the next part of my story done before I went in (it's still
missing a few crucial scenes and feels very draft quality - wasted a lot of
time learning to touchtype) I'm not sure how my schedule looks like after
that, and I doubt I'll be writing very quickly after.

-Simon Leet :)	<>
 "Why do your people always ask if someone is ready before you're going to
do something massively unwise?"
 "Tradition." - Sinclair to Delenn, Babylon 5