Subject: Back to your regularly scheduled listmail
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 1/21/1997 6:59 AM

Well, I'm back from ConFurence 8 -- decided to wait until I was a bit more
awake to send out a message, rather than send it out last night, when I got

I didn't get a chance to meet any fellow list members (or at least I don't
*think* I did) other than Doc Konway, but I *did* show up at the felines
SIG (special interest group) and managed to vent my frustrations at Ted
Turner for having cancelled the series.

Doc Konway's story hour was, needless to say, very interesting, although a
bit difficult to understand, as he had moved it from what would have been a
fairly quiet room to the incredibly noisy lobby.  After hearing his story
about a burning building, an old lady and a cat named Elvis (I won't go
into details, lest I steal his thunder ;-), I thought it'd be amusing to
see how someone like Commander Feral might've handled the situation.
Knowing Feral, though, I think he'd have delegated responsibility but taken
any credit.

Didn't see any SWAT Kats stuff at the con, tho I wasn't particularly
looking very hard for any.  I *did* get to run into a few katfans currently
not on this list, including one I was rooming with...  who in turn showed
me some footage of an airshow he had gone to.  While watching the footage I
got the feeling that if T-Bone and Razor were to see it, they'd be
impressed (Razor moreso than T-Bone because T-Bone already thinks he's an
ace pilot!).  Some of the planes in the airshow passed each other by what
were apparently mere feet -- and in the sky, even a few feet (or meters, if
you're on the metric system) can be extremely dangerous, especially if you
make a wrong move!

For at least a couple of nights or so, I wore a jacket I had slightly
altered, using $3 worth of decorative tape, to look like the top of Razor's
flightsuit.  The jacket served a dual purpose in that it not only helped
keep me warm but also helped identify me, sort of.  <grin>

I'll step aside here and let other list members fill in their con
experiences.  On the administrivia side, and this may sound picky, but...
I'm not allowing discussion about SWAT Kats versus anime, or even
speculation thereof, as I can easily see something like that drifting
off-topic too quickly.  *However*, reports of ConFurence, while seemingly
off-topic, are fine *if* you can tie them in to either the Kats or the
list, no matter how remotely.  ;-)