Subject: See ya later gang...
From: Chance
Date: 1/13/1997 5:44 PM

I'm borrowing hardware to write even this much, and that's just to let
everyone know that I'm going to be off the net for a few months starting
tomorrow - when my account expires.  I don't have the resources at the
moment to either renew the account or replace my nuked hardware, so, for
now, later katfans.

As far as Warners/Tedco/Swatkats goes, some of you have undoubtedly
noticed that CNN now refers to itself as a "Time-Warner Company" rather
than something distinctively Turner, and that seems to be de regeur for
the rest of the empire as well.  Warners is making room for the
Hanna-Barbera employees by clearing out whatever remained of the "Space
Jam" unit at Sherman Oaks (and Glendale too, I think), but as to what
aspects of H-B will go there - or remain there - no one really

Warner's furry epic "Road Rovers" is only doing numbers considered "fair"
by the Powers That Be in the WB heirarchy, but it seems sufficient for an
assured pickup for a further season, in addition to another furry series
waiting in the wings for either this fall or next.  Unfortunately, it
isn't "SwatKats", and to my knowledge there are no plans - even embryonic
ones - to Warnerize any of the existing Hanna-Barbera properties for new
series.  That all could change, and I imagine they'll keep some of those
properties "alive" with the occasional made-for-tv special, miniseries or
what-have-you, but again, nobody's mentioned the Kats whatsoever.

One last note on the "policewoman" originally conceived for the show
before the first episode was filmed.  Her name was evidently supposed to
be "Kathy", and she was supposed to be the Katguys' "in" at Enforcer HQ.
I'm not sure whether or not she would be privy to the "real" identities
of T-Bone and Razor, but she would've embodied all those attributes we
like in the characters of Felina Feral and Callie Briggs; characters that
eventually resulted after the "Kathy" concept was discarded in favour of
two characters rather than the one.  Concept sketches and a character
outline exist in the Hanna-Barbera archives for this "policewoman",
though I don't currently know anyone over there sufficiently "connected"
to get us a copy.

Anyway, have fun all those attending CF8 (Dana, say 'hi' to Orwin for
me), and keep up the kactivity level.  Until then.....



 "There must be some way of getting the money without working for Eisner.."

 -The Brain