Subject: Kats archives, CF8
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 1/12/1997 8:08 AM

Although I think it was rather pointless (because the Kats pages on
are being shut down), I went ahead and uploaded the SWAT Kats episode guide
(from _Animato!_) to the archive site.  Anyone who has the older
guide (from _Toon Magazine_) should consider replacing it.  And while it's
still there, you can access the episode guide at

Also, if you have a more comprehensive web site for the Kats, please let me
know so I can update my personal web page accordingly.  I've removed all of
the Kats pages that I used to maintain on

And for the katfans going to CF8:  I created a mini-costume by altering a
windbreaker to look somewhat like Razor's flightsuit (at least the top
part, anyway).  Since the thing was already blue to begin with, it didn't
take much (about $3 worth of decorative tape) to modify it.  I should
therefore be pretty easy to spot.  <grin>