Subject: Fanfic Archive Update
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 1/11/1997 6:27 PM

Your archive host is a bit disgruntaled now.
   3 1/4 hours. It took me 3 1/4 hours to make that update, and that's not
including actually reading and commenting to authors on the stories. I am
actually in the position where I don't want to read another fanfiction again
-- though don't worry about it. I should be over it in about an hour, so
send away as usual if you have some new SWAT Kat fanfiction.
   Anyway, it's up. Check out the new work (9 new pieces -- a record!). I
also forgot to give an "R" rating to "Death be Tie that Binds" by Dandy-Lion
on the site. Enjoy, and contact me with new fanfiction (in about an hour . .
.). Now I have to get off this #$%@ computer before I release my urge to
smash it into very tiny pieces.

Dr. Jake Clawson
( (
President of the SWAT Kat Club on Prodigy
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