Subject: Re: Kat stuff
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 1/9/1997 7:00 PM

Heh.  I just happened to be watching Rocko's Modern Life today and something
similar occured.  Heffer's dad, Mr. Wolffe sounded _exactly_ like T-Bone.
Guess who does the voice.. Barry Gordon, of course!

   No, Charlie Adler.

I've also noticed the same thing WRT Tress MacNeille's voices.  Babs, Callie
& Dot all sound _very_ similar.  Seems like they're not "disguising" their
voices as much as they used to in the earlier days of cartooning.

   Charlie can pipe out any voice when he feels like it. Tress and him did a
ton together -- he was Buster Bunny beside her in "Tiny Toons" and they both
worked on a H-B show called "The Flinstone Kids." Tress is pretty good at
making herself sound younger for her two Warner characters, and she's okay
at shrieking (but I still hate Callie!)
   Barry, on the other hand, can't seem to do much past his own voice. The
most I saw of an effort to sound different was Brainy on "The Smurfs." BTW,
there's a fanfic coming out on the next archive update (URL in the sig, as
always) that spoofs him by PI Hackle, called "Barry Gordon Gets Lyrangitis."
Not Pulitzer Prize work if you know what I mean, but it has its laughs.

Other appearances :

   The character who did Ann Gora (name escapes me) guest stared as a
mosquito lawyer on "San Bugito" or whatever that show was called. She also
played (briefly) a -- get this -- giraffe newscaster in a cartoon called
"Jungle Boy" that runs on the "What a Cartoon! Show" on TCN. She's another
who can't seem to make another pitch aside from her own.

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