Subject: More feline stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 1/9/1997 8:30 PM

Wow...  haven't seen the list *this* active in a while!

Those of you going to ConFurence 8:  we could perhaps arrange to meet at
the feline SIG (special interest group) -- check your schedules when you
register.  Felines usually meet on the first day (Friday) of the con,
sometime in the morning.  Or, if not, there's always Uncle Kage's story
hour.  <grin>

On Charlie Adler, Barry Gordon and Candi Milo (Ann Gora) -- the first time
I saw Candi Milo's name was on the end credits of a few Goof Troop
episodes.  Also, for those of you who may be following Disney's "Mighty
Ducks" series, April Winchell (Molly Mange) does one of the characters on

Funny thing about Winchell's rendition of Molly...  since she also voiced
Peg on Goof Troop, I kept imagining Molly Mange as a Brooklyn version of
Peg.  Kinda scary, when you think about it.

Going back more on track with Kats stuff...  in "Night of the Dark Kat,"
have you noticed that Jake doesn't jump-start the old lady's car correctly?
If I remember right, when you jump-start a car you're supposed to connect
the positive ends of both batteries and the negative end of the charged
battery (booster battery) with a ground wire in the car with the dead
battery.  I believe connecting the batteries any other way could result in
one (or both) exploding.  Any auto-savvy people out there want to comment
on this one?