Subject: Model Sheets and other stuff
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 1/9/1997 6:52 PM

  I got my package from a man who shall remain unnamed (ex-producer of SK)!
He wrote a nice letter, too -- apologizing for not sending it sooner. About
6 months ago he promised it. I spoke to him about a day before he sent it,
and at the time he hadn't read my fanfictions that I sent him yet, but he
promised to over vacation. Anyway, inside were the Carl's Junior toys:
   "Sock 'em Kats" - T-Bone, entirely yellow because they were too lazy to
paint, with arms that swing.
   "Blaster Chair" - Razor in his ejector seat, with a spring on the bottom
so it hops.
   "Radical Ride" - Razor in the cyclotron, with spinning wheels.
   "Screamin' Squadron Plane" - A mini Turbokat where if you blow into the
engine, it makes a whiste sound.
   Go figure. The best part was THE MODEL SHEETS! He found them while
cleaning out his office and decided to send. Only one of each SK -- T-Bone
in that tank top in the scene from "Mutation City" where they left out his
stripes, and Razor wearing the flame retardent suit from "Volcanus Erupts!"
The others were various people on the beach from the Mutilor one, a robot
guard from "Bright and Shiny Future", a she-kat guard from "Cry Turmoil",
Dr. Greenbox, and one alien who I guess they never got around to using.
Pretty cool.
    I also got an episode of the new JQ that won't air until at least late
March, I think. Called "DNA Doomsday" and I think it was handled well for a
plot with the main bad guy being a blob-wannabe.

Dr. Jake Clawson
( (
President of the SWAT Kat Club on Prodigy