Subject: ConFurence 8
From: (Michael J. Rider)
Date: 1/9/1997 7:20 PM

In a message dated 9:27 PM 1/9/97, Dave Huang wrote:

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Dana Uehara wrote:
Anyone going to ConFurence 8 (Katfurence 8?  ;-)

Hey, I'll be there! :) My very first confurence... hope it'll be cool :)
Meow! :)

In a message dated 9:30 PM 1/9/97, Dr. Samuel Conway wrote:

Dr. Konway will be there.

Just look for the old fat guy in the lab coat.

And for giggles, check out "Uncle Kage's Story Hour" on Friday night
at 9 PM, location TBA at the con.

        It'll be my first ConFurence too.  Does anyone want to meet or
anything?  I'm a tall thin guy with a pony tail, possibly carrying a big
plushie or three.  Gee, that sounds like quite a few people doesn't it?  :)
Well, maybe the thin part won't be _all_ that common at CF.  :>  If anyone
want's to meet up someplace at the con say so now.

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