Subject: Another dream..
From: mweb
Date: 1/6/1997 7:34 PM

As many of you veteran SK mailing list members may remember, quite a ways
back I  mentioned that I try to keep track of my dreams in a log of some
sort & had a dream about the return of SK.

Anyways, I had another interesting dream last night.
I was in my local "mom 'n pop" computer store buying a $37 3.5" floppy
drive.  After I made the purchase, I was just wandering around the store
looking at stuff on the way to the door.  When I got close to the door, I
noticed sitting on a shelf a couple of boxes of different SK characters!

One of them was Razor sitting on the cyclotron.  It was in a yellow box that
was glued shut, so I couldn't open it to see inside.  There was another one
of T-Bone that's a little fuzzy to me & a 3rd that I can't recall at all.

The weird thing was that none of the boxes were marked with "SWAT Kats".
They were marked with "Attack Kats" & the characters were _very_ similar
with just minor differences.  It made me think that the Tremblays somehow
got around the strangle-hold & copyrights that Turner has on SK to still
produce something very close to the original.

Very strange indeed!