Subject: Kats in Other Languages
From: Jesus Fernandez
Date: 1/5/1997 7:57 AM

Finished reading the mail I got over my trip. I'm back hope everyone has
had a great time!
While I was on my vacation in Peru, I got to catch SWAT Kats in Spanish,
being fluent in both languages I decided to watch. T-Bone and Razor's
voices in the spanish version are similar to english. Dark Kat, and Hard
Drive were okay. Personally, I didn't like the way Feral (Ulysses)
sounded, and everyone else I can't comment on because I caught just one
I also saw the 'City of the Kats' commercial, and well the song didn't
go as smoothly (that's translation for you.) the same fate fell for the
Jetsons' "Here come the Jetsons flying through the air" song. I have
also noticed a ton of SK commercials, have any of you seen that here
Ryan, I caught several episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats, I especially like
Luicille's Missle Barrage.
Edo, SK goes on at the some time as here in Peru, on channel 23
(spanish) and channel 45(english) on the "Cable Magico (Magic Cable)"

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| Jesus Fernandez, (aka Mindman)     |    |
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