Subject: Re: voices (was: katministrivia and misc)
From: (Chibi-Aria)
Date: 1/2/1997 8:11 AM

Hmm.. I thought Mark Hamill did Madkat.. Madkat sounded very similar to the
Joker of B:TAS (IMO).  Ah well, I'll have to check my tapes.

No, Mark did Burke. Charlie Alder (Chance) did Muarry. (And the Creeplings, 
and various sound affects, and ...)

Wait a sec..  I think we left off Burke & Murray, of which Mark also did one
or both of them.  Can anykat clear this up?

See above. <G>

Terra Chang, happy because there's *still* no school yet. :D

"You're saying we use the main road,
be daring and pray a lot."