Subject: katministrivia and misc
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 12/31/1996 3:28 PM

The katministrivia stuff first:  I'm no longer going to send any messages
consisting of only one line of original text through to the list.  Anything
over that amount is fine; but anything that amount (or less) is, IMHO, a
waste of internet and system resources.  Questions on this to me in email,
please.  Thanks.

Now for the misc -- H@rd Drive writes:

I was curious if anyone knew or could find out who did which
voices on each episode of SK, or if this information is in a FAQ

I assume you mean the people voicing the incidental (one-shot) characters
for the first season, as most of the other voices can be figured out by
watching the second-season episodes' end credits.

Here's what I can recall off the top of my head:

T-Bone			-	Charlie Adler
Razor			-	Barry Gordon
Callie Briggs		-	Tress MacNeille
Mayor Manx		-	Jim Cummings
Commander Feral		-	Gary Owens
Felina Feral		-	Lori Alan
Dr. Sinian		-	Linda Gary
Tiger Conklin		-	Ed Gilbert
Ann Gora		-	Candi Milo
Jonny (Ann's camerakat)	-	Mark Hamill
Mutilor			-	Michael Dorn
Traag			-	Michael Bell
Hard Drive		-	Rob Paulsen
Hackle			-	George Hearn
Chopshop/Dr. Greenbox*	-	Nick Chinlund
Turmoil			-	Kath Soucie
Mac Mange		-	Neil Ross
Molly Mange		-	April Winchell
Dark Kat		-	Brock Peters
Doctor Viper		-	Frank Welker
The Pastmaster		-	Keene Curtis

* note:  Chinlund voiced Dr. Greenbox only for the episode "Unlikely
Alloys".  I don't know who voiced him for "Chaos in Crystal".

Roddy McDowall supposedly voiced Madkat, but I'm not fully sure about
that one.