Subject: Re: I need Help!
From: Ryan Kelley
Date: 12/29/1996 12:53 PM

Hi guys!
I need help with my fanfic.
Can someone think of a good name for a setting that's a little >Egypt, a
little Persia, and a little Ancient Greece.

Try a little time travling with the Turbokat. The kat's planet isn't this
planet, so make it up!
I always feel rushed when writing these fanfics, because everyone >wants to
read them as soon as they hear of them.

I wish I were that lucky. Nobody wants to read my fanfics. Mabye because
I've probably got a bad name because of my "Midnight Magic" series. I wrote
it on how people here like things, and obviously, the rest of the world
thinks just a little diferently!

Everyone's counting on me.  They see
my name up on a link, they expect a complete written story.  But I >need Help!

What I've done is show the size of the story in kilobytes and then give an
indication that it's unfinished.

Can you guys help?

I'll help you. I've had a lot of experiance. I've also found a lot of
writing styles that don't work very well so others will know what NOT to
write like!
Esteban "Dink" Banderas
Inspector Gadget Extremist, SWAT Kat Extremist, Sailor Moon megafan, Anime
fan, all around weirdo, Nothing new!