Subject: Re: Where's Chance???
From: (Chibi-Aria)
Date: 12/25/1996 9:18 AM

I been trying to e-mail and he appears to have

Does anyone know what happened???

Maybe he's away on vacation. I know all my Real Life friends are. :( So
I'm stuck at home, watching my old tapes and being bored. (Oh, yeah, and doing
some writing, and listening to some new CDs I got -- but that's beside the
point. <G>)

And since I've already got a post going ... and even if it's not the right
date where you are, as I write this, it's the right date for me, soooo ...

MERRY KATSMAS!!!! (hee.) Ow! No hitting; I know it was a pun, but I couldn't
resist!!! (hee.)

Terra Chang, gone, but I came back. <G>