Subject: Re:
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 12/24/1996 1:50 PM

At 08:29 PM 12/23/96 -0500, A. J. Freda wrote:
Hmm. Does anyone have the ability to make a mirror site so that all those
screen grabs, sounds, themes, icons, and video files won't be lost?

I've downloaded everything from that page (sorted in directories).  I don't
know the first thing about FTP, and though I could learn and set up my own
resource page, I could also e-mail the entire package (48444462 bytes) to
someone else who would like to do it themselves.

Change of plans.  Not enough disk space for Out Box to fill.  But Netscape
(2.0 or better, I think) allows up to four downloads at the same time.  That
way it would only take several hours to download the entire archive.