Subject: Re:
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 12/23/1996 6:43 PM

At 08:29 PM 12/23/96 -0500, A. J. Freda wrote:
On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Dana Uehara wrote:

The kats archive and web pages on will be shut down unless anyone
has any objections to it.

Hmm. Does anyone have the ability to make a mirror site so that all those
screen grabs, sounds, themes, icons, and video files won't be lost?

I've downloaded everything from that page (sorted in directories).  I don't
know the first thing about FTP, and though I could learn and set up my own
resource page, I could also e-mail the entire package (48444462 bytes) to
someone else who would like to do it themselves.

H@rd Drive <>