Subject: Re: SK cels and stuff
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 12/20/1996 3:38 PM

I went to the local Warner Bros. store and the guy in the cels dept had
never heard of Swat Kats.  And he said that he didn't think that any
store would be selling Kat cels now cause the show is off the air.  He
also said there wasn't a catalog or anything to look at.  Maybe this is
just limited to the east coast, but I don't think so.

Unfortunately the salesdroids in WB and Disney Stores are rarely if
ever fountains of knowledge on the merchandise they sell. In many
cases they don't know what they're getting until it actually arrives
at the store. If you really want to know, try animation art

There are exceptions to the above, but most of the exceptions are
fans/collectors, who work at the stores to get discounts as well as
paychecks, and aren't all that common any more.

On another note:  I was reading a Marvel comic and the mentioned
Polydyne Labratories.  Could Pumadyne be a subtle pun on this?
Oh well.  There's my two thoughts worth.

Having a company name NNNNNNdyne was pretty common in the aerospace
industry, though most such companies have been sucked up by the
bigger players. Pumadyne and Polydyne are both plays on words on
this, the former being delightfully Kat-related.