Subject: Re: where is Megakat City?! (Do we wanna know?!)
From: Ryan Kelley
Date: 12/19/1996 6:04 PM
To: (Dana Uehara)

Somehow I don't think Megakat City has a specific counterpart in the U.S.,
although we *have* seen the following:

Alkatraz Island ("The Metallikats") -- where Mac and Molly were >imprisoned.

I was going to say that Megakat city might be a counterpart of San
Francisco, since they have almost the same weather as I have here
(temperatures reaching belo zero and STILL the snow level's at 2000 feet
above sea level! Another green Christmas.), but I decided not to... but...
mabye I was wrong? (Ack! What Am I saying?! Forget it!!!!!)

Anakata Island ("Volcanus Erupts!") -- supposedly analogous to
Hawaii... complete with active volcano.

Oh great! San Francisco and now HAWAII?! LOL! If things are the same on the
kat's planet... not just concerning weather, then Megakat City would
DEFINATELY be the wrong place to find a date!! (What is this?! National

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