Subject: More fanfiction ediquette
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 12/17/1996 7:01 PM

Boy, am I on a role tonight . . .

   As much as I like to keep things open considering there *are* really 'no
rules' to fan fiction, here's some unwritten laws I am now writing so the
stories I'm recieving will make more sense:

1. If you contradict the show at any time, you must explain it or mention it
in the story or your introduction.

2. If Jake and Chance are in anything other than flight suits, their names
are Jake and Chance. If they *are* in flight suits, their names are T-Bone
and Razor. You *cannot* randomly switch between alter names within one scene
because you're looking for a synonym for 'T-Bone' because it's the third
time you've used his name in the paragraph. The name changes are really the
reader's only way (aside from constant descriptions of clothing) of knowing
exactly which side of the SK's alter-egos they're playing.

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