Subject: Archive Update and Problems
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 12/17/1996 6:54 PM

I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties in recieving files from
authors for my SK fanfic archive, and this is the place where I can reach
the most people besides from my page (URL in signature), so I'm gonna say my
piece and get down from the soap box. Dana, please don't edit this--it needs
to be said.

submissions in the last week, some from people who specifically said
beforehand that they wouldn't. So I want to clear something up:

1. What is a .doc file?

It's a file will the extension .doc on the end, and from what I can tell was
written in Microsoft Word.

2. Why can't you (me--DJ) read them?

I don't have Microsoft Word. The line, "So just go get it" is not working
either, because if you have a Mac version and I have an IBM computer with an
IBM version the file would not transfer properly anyway.

I have a special pogram called UltraEdit, that I got solely so I could read
odd files and word wrap them for the archive, and even UE will *not* read
.doc files

3. How can I change my .doc file to .txt?

When you hit "save as" (or, if you're saving for the first time, just
"save"), it will have a little indicator on the type of file you are saving
as. You must click on it, and choose "text file." When you enter the name of
your file to be saved, also write name.txt (with 'name' being the name of
your file) so it gets saved in text format, *and* I can open it later as a
.txt file without changing the ending myself.

4. If I send you a .doc after reading this message, will you kill me?

Most likely.

I don't want to be mean, but this is something I have to put my foot down
on, because getting repeated submissions of files I can't read is
frustrating, especially when the archive update is the next day and that
person only checks and sends e-mail once a week.

Dr. Jake Clawson
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