Subject: Re: Where On Earth is Megakat City?
Date: 12/16/1996 5:34 PM

-Question -- have we actually seen snow in the series?  I haven't gone
through some of the episodes for a while, but I don't recall seeing any
snow in Megakat City.-

I think I could see the cats walking down the street, plodding through snow,
in winter jackets.  And Chance building the biggest snow kat you ever saw,
and the two of them having an all out snow battle (not only between
themselves,) with Burk and Murry in the denizens of the junkyard!

BTW: This is of course totally unrelated to the above.  But I need help.  I'm
searching for a name of a setting to be used in my new fanifc,
It should be somewhere equidistant if you'll pardon my language of Egypt,
Ancient Greece, and Persia.  I must of course also fit in my story, and
retain that cat-like essence.  HELP!