Subject: Re: where is Megakat City?
From: Felix Lee
Date: 12/15/1996 9:30 PM

Dana Uehara:
Alcatraz is no longer a prison but now a tourist
attraction, part of the National Park Service, if I
remember correctly.

yah.  an oddly boring place.  it's not like there's a loony
fun hall and a rack and pinion wing.  it's a prison, filled
with cells that are exactly alike, except for the history
attached to them.  plus you can't get off until the next
boat ride.

though it is pretty surreal to watch clumps of tuned-out
people walking back and forth, in and out of cells,
following the directions in the self-guided tape tour.

about).  Maybe I'm just biased because I live in L.A.  <grin>

yah, LA is probably a good match for megakat city.  (doesn't
mean you have to stick to it.  it's a different planet,
after all.)

Question -- have we actually seen snow in the series?  I haven't gone

don't remember any either.  has it even rained in the series