Subject: Re: East or West?
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 12/15/1996 8:26 AM

At 10:42 PM 12/14/96 -0500, you wrote:
Question:  Do you think Megakat City is a west coast or an East coast town?
In one fanfic it snowed there, and in "When Strikes Mutilor" there were palm
trees.  Any opinions?  (I'd like it to be an east coast town, if only because
I live near the east coast)

   Again, it's argueable.
   One unmade episode called "Coldwar" (see my fanfic site for premise) did
feature a snowstorm, but that was only because Rex Shard got turned into a
giant snowkat and made the whole city freeze down. Still, if you read the
premise, it says the SWAT Kats pulled out their deep-freeze snowjets,
indicating they were used to snow. Even though, I never let unmade episodes
count if they contradict anything in my fanfiction.
   Aside from that, I've never seen anyone in even jackets. In my fanfiction
this whole thing was discussed minorly, to explain that Megakat City (though
coast was never mentioned) is much lower in latitude than, say, New York,
but higher than LA and Florida, so it gets to occasionally 40 or 30 degrees
in deep winter, but mainly stays above 50 year round. Coats during a few
months, but no snow.

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