Subject: Kat stuph
From: Matt Weber
Date: 12/15/1996 8:03 PM

The Warner Bros. stores already have some Hanna-Barbera merchandise.
I was at one a few weeks ago and bought a Hong Kong Phooey shirt. They
had several other characters, but I'm drawing a blank on who they were.
No, no SWAT Kats. At least, not yet. All of the shirts have "Cartoon
Network" labels.

In fact, QVC (cable shopping channel) has had H-B merchandise during their
"Warner Bros. Studio Store" segments.  Mostly Flintstone & Jetson stuff..

Bottom line?  Until we get more information, preferably from other sources,
these are just rumors, and should be taken as such.

One can hope that WB either has, or will recognize what the SK could become
when aired on Saturday mornings along with the rest of the WB lineup.  At
the moment, all the WB toons are comedy-oriented.  Although they've got
Superman now, it's more of a "grown-up" type of action show.

SK could certainly fill a niche that WB seems to have ignored in the past
few years.  I seem to remember hearing that several people at the WB
organization were floored when SK was cancelled.  It would appear that the
perfect opportunity has presented itself to TPTB at WB.  Here's hoping they
act on it!

mweb - aka "Purrcy" -