Subject: A bit of kat nostalgia...
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 12/14/1996 4:13 PM

Was going through some archived listmail, back when we were on,
and came across an interesting post of a now-lurker on the list (namely
chance,  I've chopped the message down a bit to
mainly include material that seems to have resurfaced on this list.  Keep
in mind that this message was sent back in May, so some of the comments may
be outdated.

From: (chance)
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 20:33:27 -0800
Subject: Mighty Morphin Cahuenga Blvd...

Some of us may have heard rumours to the effect that Hanna-Barbera is
poised to disappear and be replaced by "Cartoon Network Animation".

Well....sorta.  One of the Turnerites said that "Cartoon Network Animation"
actually be a new division set up by Tedco in charge of new production
(right Marc?), where the "Hanna-Barbera" div. will deal solely with the
"Classic" properties.  I think "SwatKats" might fall between the cracks
here, but my first impression is that it would be considered "Classic" by
virtue of the fact it's no longer in production.

I also haven't managed to get time for typing in this full Kats script I have
called "Blackout", but now we have yet another script on the way (guess I
better get typing) which is actually an early draft of the unfinished episode
"Curse of Kataluna".  "Blackout" was an unused script that became the
genesis for Glenn Leopold's first season closer "Katastrophe", where this
"Kataluna" script concerns a certain kat-vamp's affects on Commander
Feral.  I've had the time to read a bit of "Blackout" while typing it for
someone, and I think everyone will get a kick out of it.  Leaving these things
in script format also gives you a good indication of how the storyboard artist
takes his cues and helps transform it into a completed episode.  It's kinda
cool; you can actually picture the ep playing in your head as you read
it....just as you can see the Turner execs playing *with* your head 'cuz
you can't turn on the *TV* and see it.