Subject: Re: Cels?
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 12/12/1996 6:18 PM

 I'm looking for SWAT Kat cels--anyone know anywhere where I could get my
hands (or should I say paws) on one? Thanks.

Well, since Warner now distributes HB animation art, try your
nearest Warner Bros Studio Store. Is there one in Willowbrook, or do
you have to go to Rockaway? :)

I don't even know if they're available yet. Kevin K. sent me a
snailmail letter saying that there was to be a release in November
but that that was put off. I wish I could find the letter so I could
post it, as he gave permission.

I guess the kids these days really do have lots of money. Or don't
you know how much the cels will cost? Hint: they won't be $20, like
the leftover TMNT cels at TRU :)