Subject: Re: Ann-Gora Haters Unite!
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 12/12/1996 6:24 PM

It's her name first of all, secondly her helpless, sissy, "help me, help me,"
damsel in distress attitude.  Remember the old Lois Lane?  Superman told her
to stay put, out of danger, but did she listen?  No!  She marches right into
danger, so Superman often becomes entrapped, and has to escape, and still she
pays no heed to Clark Kent!  Join me!  We can make a little sub-club, a sub
set of our Swatkat club.  What do you say?!  Who out there hates this pesky

Well, all this is true, but she is kind of cute :D

Besides, the classic "damsel in distress" is one of those stock
characters that get throne in to place the refreshingly original
ones, like Callie and Felina, in sharper contrast.

part-time drooling fanboy :D