Subject: Assorted furballs
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 12/12/1996 6:42 PM

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On the not-so-serious side (and I apologize in advance to those of you on
the Disney TV Animation mailing list, as you've heard this before) -- is
anyone going to ConFurence 8?  (Details on the con itself, i.e, "what is
ConFurence, etc." can be found at  Admittedly I
may be playing with fire with this comment, as the animation industry and
furry fandom do NOT mix.

I'll be at the con from at least Friday (January 17) through Sunday
(January 19).  I *might* be there earlier, but that's currently up in the

On Kat cels:  AJ, I'm jealous of you!  ;-)  A store out here in L.A.,
specifically in Marina del Rey, was supposedly getting Kat cels, but has
still been holding out on cel availability last time I checked.

On Ann Gora:  my first impression was that she sounded like the news
reporter who made occasional apeparances in Disney's "Goof Troop" series.
I don't know who *that* particular reporter was based on, however (Diane
Sawyer, perhaps?).