Subject: Re: Kat Tales
From: regal
Date: 12/11/1996 5:58 PM

Dana Uehara wrote:

Second, Hanna-Barbera going under.  This seems unlikely, but *not*
impossible; however, I *have* heard (from multiple sources) that H-B and
Time-Warner have merged.  It *does* bring up the possibility of some H-B
merchandise appearing in the Warner Bros. stores, but don't rush out to
your local WB store just yet, as this will take time.

You just hit a time warp. :)

The Warner Bros. stores already have some Hanna-Barbera merchandise.
I was at one a few weeks ago and bought a Hong Kong Phooey shirt. They
had several other characters, but I'm drawing a blank on who they were.
No, no SWAT Kats. At least, not yet. All of the shirts have "Cartoon
Network" labels.

Bottom line?  Until we get more information, preferably from other sources,
these are just rumors, and should be taken as such.

Very wise advice. The internet is a great source for information, but also
a great source for disinformation. There is a LOT of crap out there being
passed around as "fact".


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